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02 06 :23
03 06 :39
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09 10 :46
Pan Or Ama

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Pan Or Ama, the debut album by Console was first released on Payola in 1997. Martin Gretschmann (also a member of Notwist), the lone operator behind Console, who sometimes locks up a whole band behind his project, has since paced through many ups and precious few downs of pop star-ism, releasing five great albums, and now it's impossible to imagine the world of electronic song without him! But Pan Or Ama, of which only 1000 copies were pressed, almost became forgotten, although this record goes right into the heart of Console's early sound. Pan Or Ama touches deep, with tracks and beats full of contemplative, soft melodies. The seventh track which remains without a name, breaks into an emotional landscape as before only "Radio 4" by Public Image Ltd. had tackled. Softness built up like a monolith, and at the end, strong and hefty noise. Even after eight years, this landmark debut has lost none of its beauty or relevancy, but rather, marks itself as a musical melodrama for people who remember when melody truly merged with electronic music. The rest is history. This CD contains all tracks off the original CD release, and all additional tracks on the vinyl version, as well as the Lady-Bug 12".