PRICE: $14.50
1-2 Weeks
01 04 :26
02 05 :39
03 06 :12
04 05 :03
05 05 :44
06 05 :03
08 05 :39
09 04 :57
10 06 :00
11 06 :15
12 03 :55
From The Shadows


Emerging from the studio with perfect timing, Tectonic delivers the debut opus from UK-based Random Trio's Cyrus, one of the scene's most dangerously underrated talents. Since last year's Random Trio EP, Cyrus has been working on his studio tan, perfecting a true definition of dubstep with professor-like precision, rising up within the hallowed tutelage of Hatcha's dubplate box, and under the watchful eye of local Croydon peers Digital Mystikz and label head and stylistic brethren, Pinch. In this time, his production skills have improved immeasurably, resulting in the expertly studied rhythm and bass science of From The Shadows. From the kick-stepping and hard-skanking pressure of "Paradise Dub," the gauntlet is laid down to a scene of imitators and dilettantes, strutting onto the floor like a tempered hybrid of Pinch's moody Orientalism and Mala-style polyrhythmic kick drums patterns, this is some serious dancefloor material. Next we're dropped into "Gutter" with death-prodding atmospheres and fathoms of layered sub-bass demanding to be played loud. "Mind Games" pays debt to the rhythmic dub ingenuity of Keith Hudson or Scientist, updated with added subs for a 2007 shockout effect. "Dark Future" steps on it with shuffling whip-crack percussion and a strobing synth line direct from Babylon, while the title track "From The Shadows" brings some relief with lush pads and hollowed hardcore structures harking back to A Guy Called Gerald's seminal Black Street Technology album -- high praise indeed. "The Watcher" is an evolutionary stepper with a tempered restraint, holding back tons of bass pressure until it's required. "Dirt" explores the same blue moods as dubstep's other hero of dark soul, Burial, with mournful chords and echo chamber reverb adding abandoned warehouse space over a swung halfstep beat and next-level bass techniques. This is a remarkably immaculate document of dubstep for 2007 which fans of Burial's hallowed debut or Digital Mystikz will cherish highly.