PRICE: $17.00
1-2 Weeks
01 01 :29
02 03 :12
03 03 :22
04 02 :56
05 03 :12
06 02 :34
07 02 :53
09 02 :33
10 03 :04
11 01 :06
12 02 :19
13 01 :08
14 03 :46
15 02 :55
Floating Underwater

KI 007CD KI 007CD

The Japanese producer Daisuke Tanabe is back on Ki for a full 15-track album. Tanabe was initially one of the first to contribute his music to the German imprint with the second release in the label's catalog back in 2009. Some time has passed since then and the former Red Bull Music Academy participant has evolved even more and cemented his unique soundscape to a recognizable trademark. With his debut album Before I Forget, a few EPs, many remixes and an album in collaboration with Kidkanevil as Kidsuke, he's now back for more on Ki. Fifteen tracks full of surprising twists and turns and genre-defying sounds and rhythmic patterns. It was always hard to put Tanabe's production into one genre and it's not easier now. If you want to, you will definitely be able to put his music somewhere, but you better listen closely and get lost in his incredibly deep and intelligent arrangements. It's an album that tells the listener a story. Which story that is? It's solely up to you. The track "Paper Planes" is a perfect example of his dreamy lo-fi sound taking you on a voyage, full of bells and wobbling synthesizer lines. "Fun Robbery" shows how Tanabe can take any influence and give it his own trademark. A beautiful deep and dubby chord meets twisted bell patterns and analog drums that you better listen to on a good sound system. "Pinebee," for example, flirts with oriental sounds but is basically driven by a rhythmic pattern that is known as, well, drum and bass. "Expo" and "Blue Rat" get you trapped in a video game. Beautiful arpeggiated synths and strong melodies take you on a night ride through Tokyo.