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01 02 :43
02 05 :07
04 04 :22
05 03 :36
06 05 :06
07 02 :37
08 00 :34
09 05 :48
10 05 :19
11 06 :08
No Future No Past


"Germany and the others! It can't go on like this! Das Beirbeben churns forth this time with a whole agenda of timeless white wine wisdom. Its deducible quality from the system is as overdue as the revolution of commercially viable target groups between the ages of 14 and 49. No Future No Past is a poetic album for the modern dissident ethos. It is the mobilization of the fraternity with a polemic banner and the vengeance of the mirror image with its original -- the cream of the crop of German brewing art forms. It's a huge downer that one can't guzzle this music with its rockversive booze-pop being pumped from an infinite keg. It's not just that the dial is on par, but the synth and emo-phonetics here also find a home beyond the eighties somewhere between today and a forgotten time. Each track comes along so powerfully that these people from the Bierbeben have no choice but to embrace any accusation of over-achievement. Even the four old ham tracks from their previous EPs receive a new finish. All songs are as much danceable in public as all alone at home. You can listen to all of them one after the other even the one with Jake The Rapper, who is a guest on this record and is loved by almost everyone. One comment in regard to the lyrics: fuck yeah! It's not so bad that this music will appeal to folks who wear cute sweaters with 'Hamburg' or 'Berlin' printed on them. Bierbeben has even composed a track for them: 'File Up In Line'. Then there are two videos to watch on a computer since your TV must be broken by now and since it's twice as nice to see them in double vision. Damn straight we're not worthy."