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01 02 :48
02 02 :19
03 04 :19
04 02 :25
05 02 :16
06 03 :58
07 01 :49
08 03 :02
09 03 :28
10 05 :04
11 04 :51
12 03 :19
13 02 :50
14 02 :20
15 02 :20
16 04 :49
17 03 :21
07 :33
19 04 :53
20 03 :43
21 05 :02
Static Disposal


2007 repress, originally released 1999. Legit reissue of this mid-'70s American monster. Although "discovered" pretty early on within the realms of private press mania, this album has never quite reached the hysterical peaks achieved by other strange artifacts of this era. Very detailed reissue work on the part of Anopheles, who've turned this out as one of the most finely detailed and richly presented documents of its type. "This legendary group from Chickasha, Oklahoma formed in 1975 and self-released their lone LP in 1976. A Dada/punk/psych masterpiece recorded in just under seven hours in Dec. '75, the LP and the individuals who created it have long been the subject of a great deal of mystery and conjecture due to their elusiveness, the mindblowing quality of the music as well as the provocative negative image 'bondage' LP sleeve design. This expanded reissue includes all 11 original LP tracks in sparkling fidelity from the original master tapes along with 10 previously unissued rehearsal recordings (total time just over 76 minutes). Fully authorized by the band, this CD also features a 28-page booklet with rare photos, lyrics, and personal accounts by all three original members, including bassist Chuck Ivey's tale of relocating to L.A. to participate in the nascent Dangerhouse punk scene, where he took the stage with the Randoms at the Masque benefit in Feb. 78. The Debris LP was also namechecked in Nurse With Wound's infamous listing of influential LPs included with their first album in 1979. In short, Debris cultivated its own dynamic musical vernacular, showing the influence of Captain Beefheart, the Stooges, early Roxy Music and other pre-punk mainstays of the time. Their closest contemporaries were Hearthan-era Pere Ubu, Siren-era Chrome, Indiana-era MX-80 Sound and Canadian sonic miscreants Simply Saucer. The beautifully raw and untamed bonus cuts include two unreleased originals, five alternate takes to the LP tracks, covers of the Stooges 'Real Cool Time' and John Cale's 'Gun,' as well as 'Other Things,' a song originally recorded by Debris' precursor group, Victoria Vein and the Thunderpunks."