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Delarosa And Asora is Scott Herren, otherwise known as Prefuse 73 (Warp) and Savath & Savalas (Hefty). Luxurious sleeve artwork By Designer's Republic. A22 minute EP leading up to the Agony full length (thematically linked, but no musical overlap between these 2 releases). "There are a handful of artists in nearly every genre who create art that is dismissed when it first reaches the public because it is either out of vogue, too strange, or cannot be comprehended within the framework of that which surrounds it. In other words, its importance and significance can only be understood retroactively, meaning that it set the stage for a 'new wave' that had yet to break but this 'new wave' could only be understood once others joined its ranks. That is where Delarosa & Asora's Backsome EP must be located. Quite simply, it arrived too early to be absorbed and understood. Thus, it is astonishing to consider that this prescient EP, thankfully released bu Delarosa & Asora (AKA Scott Herren, otherwise known as Prefuse 73 and Savath & Savalas) sounds as if it could have been recorded last week. Herren's ability to create towering sound sculptures with impossibly limited equipment is inspirational. Long before the present trend in 'electronic music' in which hip-hop and jazz were incorporated into the fabric of the music, Herren was creating these pieces in isolation in Atlanta. There are so few electronic musicians on the same historical wavelength: Carl Craig and Kirk DeGiorgio are the only two ones I can think of. And Scott Herren certainly should be mentioned in the same breath. Without a hint of contrivance, the Delarosa & Asora material brings together the spirit of Herbie Hancock and The Headhunters' finest moments, a leap into an ocean of roiling basslines, and tricky live percussion. Many thought that Herren's Savath & Savalas' Folk Songs for Trains, Trees, and Honey EP on the Hefty (licensed to Warp for Europe) was an electronic record, yet every track was made with live instruments. The Backsome EP again demonstrates that, like Richard Devine, Scott Herren is a composer of extraordinary skill, whose dexterity around both live and electronic instruments is a rare combination of skill and innovation." -- Tim Haslett.