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Funk 4 Da Trunk

MX 008CD MX 008CD

"Miami home to an ocean of thugs, pawn shops, strip clubs and lowered cars that make the ground shake. A place so hot it can make your head fry, and just when you thought you had the Metatronix sound all figured out -- in steps Diamond Ice. The eerie bass-heavy soundscape he provides is that of a Miami Vice episode handed over to Timbaland, Magic Mike, and Supersoul. His funk is simple yet futuristic and straight to the point. Though new to the world, Diamond Ice goes way back into the Miami urban underground music scene. Ice having lived for 2 years at the infamous 90.9 FM THA BOMB, one of the pioneering pirate radio stations in Miami, is where he met and became friends with Miami Bass legends such as, Ghetto Style DJs, Uncle Al and Jam Pony Express and that's also where he first met Supersoul. These instrumentals are an ode to bass, the monster stereo systems and the cars that push them. Ice serves tracks designed for cruising, profiling and testing your sound system. Born and raised in the ghettos of Miami Dade County, this is truly experimental ghetto music, no tight long sleeve turtle necks, lap tops and Martinis. More like wife-beaters, $50 second hand drum machines and quarts of left over, back-washed Old English from the night before. Diamond Ice is the real thing like the diamond in his tooth."