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02 06 :59
04 00 :37
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06 06 :23
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This is Dinky's fourth studio album. Following up on her unanimously-acclaimed album May Be Later (VA 003CD/024LP), Chilean artist and Berlin transplant Alejandra Iglesias conceived Anemik entirely for the Wagon Repair label after being approached by label head Mathew Jonson. A musing on femininity and the fine line between romance and delirium, Anemik transcends borders in its range of influence and reflects consciousness in the fluidity and tangibly live origins of its creation. Recorded using analog equipment and acoustic instruments with a strong emphasis on voice, there is a wisdom and maturity to this work. Opener "Childish" builds from meditative beginnings with looped synth, wandering pads and wildfire percussive cycles that concoct a deep and dreamy landscape. "Romaniks" creates space between electronic and acoustic spheres with Latin-soaked beats encircling a subdued kick. Mantric vocal chants inject a mystical dimension into the affair, its psychedelic overtones continuing into "Westoid," where Dinky's vocal lament is complimented by the baritone accents of Los Updates' enigmatic Jorge Gonzáles. "Goldfishes" bubbles into being with processed choral scales, while "Rainfallic" is a mid-tempo trip of lazy legato harmonies and epic Telecaster drones. "Anemik" is a restless electronic frenzy, with melodic and percussive elements feuding amidst staccato vocals, effervescent machine transmissions and a penetrating central kick. "Glacial" opens with reverberant vocals and deep percussion that swims through murky pads and delayed keys. "Ceramik" weaves a tight beat, with warm Rhodes accompaniment, live percussion and ramped vocal passages. Thumbed melodic patterns and sonorous key stabs characterize "Glassik," while "Skyped" intertwines grandiose processed chorals, deep metallic percussion and leveling pads. The infectious, arpeggiated melodies of "Epilepsia" are invigorated by live Latin percussion, "Fadik" is a wonky love song set to cascading beats, strummed guitar and electronic emissions, and "Nocturnal" unsettles with moribund ambient shivers to complete the kaleidoscopic range of flavors and emotions offered by this remarkable record. At times dreamy, at times nightmarish, at times romantic, at times befuddled, Anemik is always quintessentially Dinky.