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Body Language 9


2010 release. DJ Hell bestrides modern techno like a colossus: he's more than just a producer or a DJ, he's an icon, too big and individual a personality to be accommodated by any one micro-scene. Hell doesn't just represent a type of music, he represents a whole lifestyle, aesthetic and worldview -- and Body Language Vol. 9 is perhaps the closest any disc has yet come to capturing that totality. Hell's entry in Get Physical's ongoing Body Language mix series arrives in a period of considerable artistic achievement. He brings an ambition and breadth of vision to Body Language Vol. 9, culling tracks from different eras and scenes and focusing them into a veritable laser-beam of pure passion and flair. There are plenty of recent productions amid the selection -- Dixon, Will Saul, Christian Prommer all feature -- but the goal here isn't merely to take the temperature of the times; it's to create a rich, entertaining and future-proof listening experience. And so we are given a considerable insight into Hell's roots: from Klaus Schulze's kosmische epic "Stargazer" to David Sylvian's "Forbidden Colours" (taken from the Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence soundtrack), via majestic Depeche Mode instrumental "Esque" and -- in one of the album's several flashes of wry humour -- the Balanescu Quartet's incredible chamber-music rendition of Kraftwerk's "The Robots." Hell also digs deep into his collection and pulls out some of the most righteous, jacking dancefloor material you'll ever hear. Baby Ford & Eon's UK techno classic "Dead Eye," King Britt's string-heavy, funked up remix of Josh One, DJ Assassin's skipping house jam "Face In The Crowd" (Intellidread Mix), the acid-fried disco of Daniel Wang's "Warped" -- this mix is "edutainment" in the truest and best sense, and a pupil-dilating reminder of why Hell is one of the world's most enduringly popular techno DJs. This is a journey into the heart of Hell -- and it's pure heaven.