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Teufelswerk House Remixes


Remixes from Hell's multi-selling masterpiece Teufelswerk (GIGOLO 250CD/LP) by all the hot names in the scene. It's been 25 years since Helmut Geier alias DJ Hell set the needle on a house track. He's been DJing house and techno in all shapes and colors ever since. It's been nearly 20 years that he released his first 12" My Definition Of House. And he launched his own imprint International Deejay Gigolos Empire 15 years ago. Time to celebrate. Time for a massive world-tour. DJ Hell represents house from Germany like no one else. He made a case for Chicago house early on in his career by playing it obsessively in his DJ sets. Amid brand new tracks, he released long-lost classics by Bobby Konders and DJ Pierre on Gigolo Records. Just in time, house is experiencing a new high. Naturally, Hell is no purist when it comes to house music. He has covered lots of ground when it comes to electronic dance music, making records with P. Diddy, Grace Jones and Bryan Ferry. He has compiled two brilliant CDs full of German new wave, and of course, he knows of the influence that Kraftwerk and the disco sound of Munich, his hometown, has had on house and techno. His music and DJ sets all reflect this knowledge. Most importantly: he knows how to rock a party. A DJ does not only celebrate himself, he celebrates the artists he respects. So it's fitting that in tandem with the tour, there is the release of 35 Teufelswerk remixes from artists handpicked by Hell, chopped up in three big chunks. The first portion is called House Remixes and there will be a party in Berlin's legendary Tresor Club to celebrate its release. Artists include: Toni Lionni, Deniz Kurtel & Wolf+Lamb, Peter Kruder, Zander VT, Ian Pooley, Andre Lodemann, Axel Boman, DJ Glen and Solomun.