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Malkauns/Brown Rice

MM.139 MM.139

Two tracks from "Brown Rice plus 2 tracks from The Holy Mountain soundtrack; compiled by Francis Englehardt & Paul Nickerson for Slow to Speak. "It's been said that Sun Ra is the cosmic champion of jazz, the man of genius from outer space sent to Earth to reinterpret the message of our celestial ancestors through his music. Well, if Sun Ra is from another galaxy, Don Cherry is from another dimension entirely, a man so hauntingly original and seemingly unrooted that he defies origin, heritage, homeland. Most noted for providing the soundtrack for both of Jodorowsky's masterpieces, Holy Mountain and El Topo, Cherry did for jazz what Ash Ra Tempel and Kraftwerk did for rock, taking a genre and superseding well beyond its previously demarcated boundaries, demolishing all set rules in seeing in this style the potential for something far more original and expressive than any of his predecessors could've imagined possible and unconcerned with the potential fallout from reactionaries far less gifted than he. Cherry's style is dirty, gritty, unembarrassed and uncompromisingly experimental. Bound only by his insatiable desire for the uncharted and unheard, Cherry stood for a perverted re-appropriation of jazz, determined to bring the sound from out of the secluded club or café and out into the streets, through the illegal brothels and sleezy strip-clubs of yesteryear, past the LSD fueled psychedelic romps of the 1960s, on to the meditative reflection of the New Age and finally upwards into the timeless, limitless space of unknown Universes. It is in this realm that his music has remained, lingering there for eternity as Cherry's eternal gift to mankind. Sadly, only a few have actually heard his genius, and thus the obvious necessity of highlighting some of his more remarkable work. Explore this 12", and then explore more, as the universe of Don Cherry holds far more than the untrained mind could possibly fathom." Silkscreened lettering on jacket.