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03 05 :19
04 05 :39
06 04 :38
07 04 :56
08 05 :43
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11 03 :39
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Trippy Notes For Bass & Remixes

DR 104CD DR 104CD

The Echo Beach subdivision Dude Records proudly presents the ultimate re-release of the original 1999 On-U Sound album, Trippy Notes For Bass by renowned bassist Doug Wimbish (Living Colour, Tackhead, Headfake, Jungle Funk, Strange Parcels, etc.), featuring four bonus remixes. Those who know Wimbish from his other projects may find his first solo album to be disconcertingly tame. Where his playing in most previous contexts has been wild, funky, and sometimes anarchic, drawing freely on jazz, dub, and punk influences, here he's in an almost contemplative mood. It's not that there are no beats -- "Bedwood," with its chugging midtempo groove and an ambience lifted straight from label mates African Head Charge, is propulsive enough, "Logdrum" is based on some seriously booty-moving loops, and "Will & Skip" (a tribute to drummer Will Calhoun and guitarist Skip McDonald, Wimbish's frequent collaborators) has a definite funk underpinning. But the prevailing mood here is gently atmospheric, almost spiritual. "Glory" sounds like a field recording from an electronic rain forest; "Glorification Chant" sounds like a sort of North African qawwali variant in 12/8 time. Words cannot describe how much there is to discover -- from the incredible vocals of Sussan Deyhim in "Arabic Cat" to Doug's one-man band in "Just Another Minute." Those hoping for bone-shaking grooves and crazier-than-thou Adrian Sherwood mixes may be disappointed, but they shouldn't be -- this is a very beautiful piece of work.