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01 23 :39
02 15 :56
03 17 :21
04 15 :15
QUATRE = ONZE == (7)

NEOS 11527CD NEOS 11527CD

Contemporary, improvised, electro-acoustic music. After a complete classical training (academy and conservatory studies in Belgium, then conservatory studies in France with state teaching qualifications of the Ministry of Culture...) with subsequent studies in jazz and improvised music (Berklee College of Music, Boston, USA...) and numerous specialized practical courses (IRCAM...), Patrick Defossez is, on the one hand, a poly-aesthetic composer who is very much present in contemporary musical life (Ensemble InterContemporain, public composition commissions...). On the other hand, he is an active interpreter in the improvisation scene, committed to interdisciplinary improvisatory procedures that more or less incorporate the current digital possibilities of music-making. He teaches multi-dimensional musical composition at a state regional conservatory, studying classical new music, mixed music (with new musical technologies), as well as all forms of improvisation. Defossez is the musical director of the Association 2d'Lyres, founded in 2007, which fosters research, creativity, and dissemination, with CDs and materialized as well as dematerialized multimedia production of those music-aesthetic tendencies considered fragile. These include new music, improvised art music, electro-acoustics, and mixed music, as well as interdisciplinary creativity with poetry, theater, and the visual arts (painting, sculpture, video, etc.). QUATRE = ONZE == (7), composed by Defossez and Anne-Gabriel Debaecker, is performed here by Defossez (acoustic and digital piano, percussion, laptop/extended piano), Debaecker (digital piano, electro-acoustic live-sculpture, bowls), Daniel Erdmann (soprano, tenor and baritone saxophones, percussion), and Benny Sluchin (tenor trombone, duplex-euphonium, percussion).