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This CD is a co-release from Via Veneto Jazz and Jando Music. Terras is the first album by Duo Taufic with vocalist Barbara Casini. After several years of collaborating and touring, Duo Taufic, together with the most Brazilian of all Italian singers, recorded an album to celebrate the living tradition of Northeast Brazil, which serves as a metaphor for all the "terras" of the world, where beauty and suffering are intensely mingled together. Duo Taufic and Casini do this with unequaled energy and love, which is felt in every note. Barbara Casini, an exceptional singer, has always been in love with Brazil. Since her career began in the late '70s, she has collaborated with such internationally renowned jazz musicians as Enrico Rava, Stefano Bollani, Fabrizio Bosso, Phil Woods, and Lee Konitz, as well as with renowned musicians in the Brazilian popular music scene including Toninho Horta and Guinga. She was among the first to introduce nordeste music in Italy, pioneering a style of poetry, joy, rhythm, and dance, which also manifests the heart-breaking wistfulness and weariness of land that is both unforgivingly harsh and overwhelmingly beautiful. Roberto and Eduardo Taufic were born in that land; Brazil's soul is their soul. When performing together, their sound captures that perfect synthesis of talent and art; synchronicity and complicity; play and imagination. Their indisputable fluidity permeates even during the moments of highest technical virtuosity. Particularly celebrated in Brazil, the two brothers have been popular for years in Italy. Eduardo -- a pianist, composer, and music producer -- has produced and arranged more than 400 recordings in Brazil and played with renowned Brazilian musicians including singer Elza Soares and guitarist Ricardo Silveira. Roberto has lived in Italy since 1990 and has collaborated with a number of renowned artists in both Brazil and Europe, including Gabriele Mirabassi, Maria Pia de Vito, Guinga, Enrico Rava, Gianmaria Testa, Rita Marcotulli, Sergio Cammariere, and Rosario Bonaccorso, to name a few.