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East of Underground/SOAP

NA 5098CD NA 5098CD

"United States Army soldiers made the music contained in this two-CD re-release during the politically turbulent early '70s, towards the end of the Vietnam War. East of Underground and SOAP were bands comprised of soldiers stationed in bases across Western Germany. While little is known about the bands, the players, and the milieu they came from - other than what can be pieced together from a handful of photos and documents found in a box in the New York Public Library, and the vague recollections of some of those involved -- we at Now-Again Records have worked diligently with the United States Army and researchers the country over to present this important document ? and some damn good soul and funk music. Only one former band member has come forward during the assembly of this anthology, which has lead us to question: where did these talented performers land after their winning performances in Army-sponsored Battle of the Bands contests afforded them (musical) tours across European Army bases? Perhaps some are still around somewhere: perhaps some are still involved in music; perhaps some were killed in action; perhaps some passed on after returning to the States. Wherever they are now, their legacy has been cemented in this exquisite re-issue, a snapshot of one of America's most politically tumultuous times. Archival reproduction of East of Underground's mythical masterpiece, housed in thick cardboard 'tip-on' gatefold sleeve. Heavy James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, Funkadelic, and Sly Stone covers. Also includes SOAP album on a separate CD."