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The Dangers of Evil Blizzard


Welcome to the surreal and slightly worrying world of Evil Blizzard. An assault on the ears and the eyes, their brutal onslaught of bludgeoning riffs has been making friends and enemies in equal measures throughout the country over the past 12 months. The debut album The Dangers of Evil Blizzard is released on John Robb's Louder Than War Records on CD and very limited edition pink vinyl (500 only for the world). Comprised of four bass guitars, with minimal vocals, keyboards, and samples, the band has drilled right into the void currently present in the UK music scene. With influences ranging from Hawkwind, dub reggae, Krautrock, and Black Sabbath, they have amassed a huge and dedicated following in a short space of time, playing with such varied acts as Bo Ningen, Conan, Ufomammut, and Gnod. Spotted at an early gig by Mark E. Smith, who promptly took the band on tour supporting The Fall, the band have spent the past year gathering phenomenal reviews for their incredible live shows which feature a myriad of masks, onstage brawls, offstage brawls, stage invasions, and audience participation. Their tribal and ritualistic performances are a B-movie theater of the absurd; a mix of bewilderment and celebration. The album was recorded live in one take at Sunshine Studios in Manchester by Andy Gibbon (who has worked with The Fall, amongst others). Recording it took five hours. Mixing it to emulate the chaos of them live took five months. Listed as "one of the top 20 bands to watch out for in 2013" on the hugely-influential web site Louder Than War, supremo John Robb was so impressed with the band, he set up the Louder Than War label to release the album, despite the band having several other label-offers.