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Apocryphal Fire in the Warehouse, and Other Explanations

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"In 2005, when Richard Syska offered Jim Baker and his trio a weekly gig at Hotti Biscotti, a neighborhood bar in Logan Square, little did the pianist, bassist Brian Sandstrom, and percussionist Steve Hunt know that they would still be at it more than five years later. Things have changed since that first performance on May 24, 2005. It didn't take long for saxophonist Mars Williams to join, expanding the trio into a quartet. And in September 2010, after Hotti Biscotti was sold, the band moved their weekly gatherings from Tuesdays to Mondays and relocated to the Beat Kitchen in Roscoe Village. The quartet adopted the moniker Extraordinary Popular Delusions after the release in 2006 of their debut on Okkadisk, an album titled after Extraordinary Popular Delusions and The Madness of Crowds, a treatise on popular folly written by Scottish journalist Charles MacKay and published in 1841--a book still relevant today as it addresses economic bubbles and mass hysteria, among other topics. EPD's creative process regularly reaches an apex, a magical moment that ineluctably occurs every time. Mars Williams calls it the 'fifth sound'; it could be the fifth member of the band, an offspring of their polyphonic approach, an improbable and elusive sound that no one in particular--but everyone--is responsible for. This is likely to be the primary reason why a group of aficionados and friends (they know who they are) comprise a kind of core audience for the weekly series."