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Austrian DJ, producer, sound designer and founder/creator of the Riemann Kollection -- a loop and sample collection series -- Florian Meindl releases his debut full-length on his own label Flash Recordings. The Berlin-based producer has risen through the ranks in recent years with his own unique take on techno and house, making him one of the most high-profile producers in Germany. Associations with labels like his own Flash, plus Tronic, Boxer, Trapez, Kling Klong and Hell Yeah Recordings have won him many plaudits and have taken him to DJ shows around the world. Now, in light of this complete dancefloor exploration, the man who blurs the lines between house and techno is likely to draw even more attention to himself. Starting with the swirling, vocal-laced house grooves of "Pictures" (feat. Jukka Reverberi of Crimea X fame) Florian shows off the same songwriting ability which has seen him remix acts like Hot Chip, Röyksopp and Juan Maclean. The album then recedes into a more minimal groove, where bright synths wash over the click-y drum pulses and pull you deep into Meindl's world. Never one to be pigeon-holed, Florian then ups the ante with a choppy, techno-leaning cut that pushes on through dense rhythms, filtered male vocals and plenty of deft production details, with early singles like "What is Techno" and "Good Times" already standing out and picking up support from the likes of Chaim, Monika Kruse and Stephan Bodzin. From there, the journey continues through a range of deeper, more subliminal cuts, all of which take cues from both house and techno but come over like something entirely new and fresh. The tough grooves come later on, combing raw analog production techniques with a true sense of techno-purpose on tracks like "It's All Making Sense Now." Finally, "Wishful Thinking (feat. Detachments)" brings us back down to earth with a gentle indie kiss. Waves is an accomplished debut full-length that offers far more in the way of intrigue and invention than your average tech house album, and for that reason is worthy of close inspection.