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Inaccuracies & Omissions

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"I applied for a $10,000 grant from the New Music fund of CNZ to make a 'musique concrete' album utilising both eight and two track tape loops, a most time-consuming prospect involving a lot of man-hours. By the time I was (most happily) granted the funds and received the money, I had invested in a Digi 001 ProTools LE system for mixing a recent Tall Dwarfs project and, in using it, realised that it would enable me to do the funded project in a very different, but no less time-consuming, fashion. Different but equal for the whole cut and paste nature of the ProTools interface is very similar to the loop-based analogue method I had had in mind. Both involve the selection and manipulation of small chunks of sound into something that is (hopefully) greater than the sum of its parts. Duly excited by the new technological depths into which I was about to plunge myself I began to search for aural landscapes that might be used for the basic building blocks of my concrete jungle. Determined to have analogue as a base I decided to start with the scruffiest piece of tape I could find. After finally editing, sequencing and mastering (all done at home) I had a record to be called Inaccuracies & Omissions and to be attributed to the mysterious Friend, a newly invented alter-ego for my non-commercial projects. And that seemed like enough. -- Chris Knox