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Here Today Gone Tomorrow


This is the debut album by Berlin vocalist/producer Fritz Kalkbrenner, the man with the unmistakable voice. Kalkbrenner isn't new to the business. His voice is heard on longplayers by artists like Alexander Kowalski, Chopstick & Johnjon and Sascha Funke. Also "Sky & Sand," the theme of the movie Berlin Calling was written and produced by he and his brother Paul Kalkbrenner, putting him right into the spotlight with numerous top ten chart entries around the globe. Over the last two or three decades, techno has repeatedly returned to its soul roots, and Kalkbrenner has been right there for it from the beginning, turning techno into liquid soul with his god-like vocals. On Here Today Gone Tomorrow Kalkbrenner doesn't hold back on the soul, either, with a wonderfully silky, sophisticated techno album. Like any good pioneer, Fritz Kalkbrenner knows how to mediate between the various musical poles that are in constant need of reconciliation. The instrumental pieces, like the vocal numbers, come across as well-structured little stories, while the vocal tracks adeptly avoid drowning the dancefloor in a flood of self-pitying, melancholy tears. With the two spectacular hits "Facing The Sun" and "Sideways & Avenues," the dark "Was Right Been Wrong" and the country-esque "Right In The Dark," Fritz effortlessly pulls enough pop music aces out of his sleeve for the rest to feel right at home in the club world, always finely balanced between techno that equally rocks but also swings; sounds that are unmistakably in the family of or are mildly related to the opulent, enchanted moments we know from Sascha Funke or Superpitcher. Lavishly sprinkled throughout the album, the listener also finds little beat miniatures that remind one of Kalkbrenner's socialization with hip-hop icons like Eric B. & Rakim, KRS-One or the Wu-Tang Clan. This is an altogether diverse album, full of sophistication, soul, and swing.