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Children of Love


2006 release. Fuckpony is the latest project by US producer in Berlin Jay Haze and his Swiss collaborator, Samim. Children of Love takes a trip through the roots of dance music, so hold on tight! Haze and Samim are best known for their stripped back, quirky techno on Haze's Contexterrior and Tuning Spork labels, but for Fuckpony, they wanted to try something different. Children Of Love is an album inspired by dance music's evocative, emotional past. Detroit techno snuggles up to deep house textures, Chicago claps and drums get cozy with raw acid lines, mournful synths accompany soulful, tripped out vocals. "We're in an era of robots and machines, so we're trying to step back in time and go back to dance music's roots," Jay explains. The album is richly musical, strangely familiar and undoubtedly infectious -- "Ride The Pony" and "Cellphone Hit" are tuneful tracks, boasting the futuristic techno brushstrokes that one would expect from Haze and Samim. "We have our ears on the future, but the real inspiration is old house music," Jay says, while Samim sees the release as a break from the norm. "It's like a retreat, a holiday from making minimal music. Parts of it are minimal, but Fuckpony allows us to show something different of ourselves." Children Of Love isn't solely about house music: listen to the nagging bass on the deep-fried acid of "Freaky Story Of Earth" and it's clear that Funkedelic's psychedelic groove left a big impression on the pair. Featuring vocals from Big Bully, Shaniqua and Lil Dirrty Ghetto Bastard, Jay and Samim believe that they have created something that is not just "tracky and for the dancefloor," but a lasting body of work that their friends and family can appreciate. Now is the time to share the love with Fuckpony.