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03 03 :46
04 05 :29
06 02 :57
07 09 :06
08 03 :12
09 03 :47
10 02 :02
11 04 :27
12 08 :09
13 05 :11
14 06 :39
15 08 :24
16 03 :25
The Rules of the Game (Original Studio Recordings 1978-1996)


Into the Light Records continues to shine light on the undiscovered heritage of Greek electronic music, highlighting the work of prolific Greek composer George Theodorakis on the label's third archival release. The Rules of the Game features mostly unreleased studio recordings Theodorakis made between 1978 and 1996, with the addition of selected material taken from his sought-after Margo and Sima LPs. George Theodorakis is the son of legendary Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis. Unlike his father, George only released four albums -- pressed in small quantities -- over a period of time spanning nearly two decades. Despite such limited official output, Theodorakis was intensely involved in music. George has always had the privilege of owning a well-equipped home studio -- the SSR Studio (1976-1984) and later the Theta Studio (1985-1987, 1993-1997) -- where he'd spend most of his days working, often completely losing all track of time. These studios provided the ideal environment where he could explore new synthesized sounds and freely experiment. Although Theodorakis' music can be considered reclusive, esoteric and personal -- especially if measured against the standards of most Greek productions of the same time -- a number of his compositions found their way into the soundtracks of theater plays, TV series, dance performances, etc. Theodorakis' work was probably too forward-looking to meet with wider success and appeal to a broad audience back then; The Rules of the Game hopes to finally earn the composer the attention and acclaim his music undoubtedly deserves. N.B. There is an ultra-short drop out at the very end of "Genesis" due to the original DAT tape wear. The track was too good to be excluded; Into the Light hopes you feel the same. Includes one bonus track not available on vinyl.