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01 01 :10
02 05 :02
03 02 :33
04 02 :00
05 01 :17
06 01 :47
07 03 :38
08 07 :01
09 04 :13
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11 05 :18
12 04 :03
Il Fuoco


Giardini Di Mirò is a post-rock band born in Cavriago, Italy, a small town near Reggio Emilia. After the first EP in 1998, the band has not only released a ton of records, but has also toured like crazy, both their home Italy and the rest of Europe. So far, the band has released four full-length albums; the discography, however, also includes a multitude of EPs, remixes and exclusive tracks for compilations. While not working with the band, GDM's members engage in solo projects, tapping into sounds and genres one would not necessarily expect from a band deeply routed in guitar music. Giardini Di Mirò has been on City Centre Offices' watch for almost a decade and they are thrilled to release Il Fuoco as a first step in hopefully a long partnership. This album was originally released in Italy in 2009, and City Centre Offices is finally bringing the album to the rest of the world. Translated "The Fire," Il Fuoco compiles music for Giovanni Pastrone's silent movie of the same name. Released in 1915, the movie is considered a masterpiece of early 20th century Italian cinema and the result of Pastrone's collaboration with Gabriele D'Annunzio. The movie is divided into three chapters, representing different moments of a morbid, yet passionate love story: "La Favilla" ("The Spark"), "La Fiamma" ("The Flame") and "La Cenere" ("The Ash"). In October 2006, the Museo Nazionale Del Cinema in Turin commissioned the band to compose and perform a new soundtrack for the movie. After an incredible success in one live show, the band decided to turn the soundtrack into a proper album, taking the music composed for the film several steps further and adding new ideas. Il Fuoco is Giardini di Mirò's most ambitious work to date.