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01 01 :25
02 02 :57
03 02 :15
05 01 :58
08 01 :29
09 02 :42
10 07 :09
11 02 :40
13 01 :17
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15 02 :06
16 03 :20
17 04 :47
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"Artistically seen, Andreas Gogol, musical collaborator of Simon Fisher Turner, C-Schulz and many others, has many lives. He is a filmmaker, a photographer and a musician while also being involved in several other fields of the fine arts. The music on Gorymaaz sounds as if it ran danger of falling apart and dissolving at any moment right in front of one's ears (which actually it does every now and then). Sometimes we encounter songs with a clearly discernible structure and arrangement, while its other parameters run like sand through the listener's fingers. Tonality and melodies just melt away and run into seemingly unstructured textures, for example, a blues bastard is contrasted with preposterous rock elements like distorted drums and ecstatically strummed guitars. Then again we encounter an acoustic entity which sounds as if its elements had been thrown together at random but which in the end almost miraculously fall into place and form a logic oneness. The music grates and scrapes, our ears are buzzing with distorted voices and alienated guitar sounds. While making use of all this, Gogol manages to avoid all traps of irony and plain inanities. It seems that the more serious he gets, the more absurd his musical constructions become. Nothing is garish, opulent or ornate on this album. What Gogol ultimately does is to play around with an idea, but at the same time avoiding coming too close to it. And that idea is the song. Be it voice alienation, tape speed or the tuning of his guitar -- all of Andreas Gogol's experiments are inspiring and multifaceted."