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The Glue That Holds The Kids Together


"Vinyl debut of long-running Cincinnati Ohio/Northern Kentucky improv unit circling the center of saxophone/electronics Tim Schwallie (of The Wolverton Brothers) and doublebass/electronics Scott Hisey. Over many many many many years the core remain the same with various collaborators and members walking in and stepping or falling out, but the core remain the same, as they stepped in and fell out of modes such as free improv, free funk, free song, as evidenced in these on record. And included on record is a highly-picked sample of highlights from Gordy line-ups, including involving Clayton 'Chicken' Gunnels (RIP, of the JBs, America Eats Its Young-adelic), Mark Perry (Heevahava), C. Spencer Yeh (Burning Star Core) and names here. 'So Mark Perry 'discovered Clayton' wandering Covington streets. Clayton was too well-dressed to be 'just another homeless dude' as Mark put it. Mark started a dialogue which turned into sporadic jams with Clayton, then Mark decided that Gordy Horn get-togethers were the best formats for Clayton and you know the rest... 'Do you know karate?' Tara was a singer with a very sloppy and very loud noise jam thing in the early nineties that I liked a lot--in particular I liked this pretty quiet small young girl that would transform into a screaming banshee on stage... We talked and then they moved to LA; her boyfriend od'ed, she moved back, and we started talking again. Scott and I were in a collaborative mood. We met up with Aimee who was willing to bring her harp around, and Gordy was a four-piece for 8 months or so around June to Dec 1999... The quartet with Spencer and Adam was really the go-to quartet for a while there (2003-2006) and I am glad we got one of those jams on the record.' --Tim Schwallie, Spring 2010, Cincinnati Ohio. One-sided LP with silkscreen cover designed by artist Paul Coors. 130 copies limit."