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 - Codine
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Universal Vagrant

MD 004CD MD 004CD

After a career lasting close to four decades, Greg 'Stackhouse' Prevost decided to launch his first solo record, the celebrated Mississippi Murderer in 2012 (MD 001CD, MD 001LP). On Mississippi Murderer, Delta blues and hi-energy R&R were combined in a masterful mix, heavily influenced by the likes of the Rolling Stones, the Yardbirds, and New York Dolls. This recording has become a cult classic, but the ever adventurous Prevost is now back with a brand new artifact, Universal Vagrant. This second album goes one step further than Mississippi Murderer and can be safely described as the best recording in his long and illustrious career. It also confirms what those in the know already knew: Prevost is a top-notch songwriter, one of the coolest R&R singers ever, and that he has a deep understanding of the roots of his music - Be it with the original blues greats ("Moanin' The Blues", "Mean Red Spider"); the personal idols inscribed in his DNA, Keith Richards, and Johnny Thunders ("Gin Soaked Time Warp", "Shot Of Rock & Roll", or the superb, gospel-oriented "Lord Shine A Light On Me"), as well as the dark, dangerous Stooges-infused sounds ("Evil On My Mind" or his killer version of "Codine"). Universal Vagrant is a perfect production, an explosive sound, a recording cooked with ease and among friends, but with edge, attitude, and sheer class. This is a first rate R&R album where all pieces fit neatly. No mean feat.