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Peace Of The Rock


It all started for Gregg Suriano when he began writing songs in his early teens and people quickly took notice in his home town. It soon progressed beyond his local area and in 1974 he began performing his tunes in churches and piano clubs across Long Island, Manhattan and the tri-state area. His local following continued to grow and artists began to use his material in live shows and recordings. By 1977, he had won his place among the best with his song "Play The Game" at the American Songwriter's Contest. He finally decided to record his first album entitled Peace Of The Rock, released in 1978 on the Behold Record label. Christian contemporary radio stations began playing "The Last Days" and "Where Do You Stand." The coffee house venues were picking up on his music and he was often invited as a guest artist every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on Long Island and as far away as Dubuque, Iowa. Once again in 1980, Gregg was a winner at the American Song Festival with his song, "Some Kind Of Loneliness" (which ended up on his next LP). He was then noticed by the legendary songwriter Burt Bacharach who was so impressed, that he had Suriano play piano at his restaurant every Friday night. Gregg began working with notable artists such as Kathy Triccoli, Magaret Becker, and a host of others who went onto become well-known in the CCM market. Gregg opened up for such artists as BJ Thomas and Glad. In 1983, Suriano released his second album, Single Minded Man. Songs such as the title cut climbed to #3 on the Christian radio station WLIX from the Long Island, New York area. Yacht-rockish, with funky basslines and key stabs, some congas occasionally and PLENTY of excessive sax. Dig the track "The Last Days," which includes prescient and oddly upbeat-sounding lyrics about The End Times. Includes three bonus tracks.