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The Invisible Mountain

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"As Jodorowsky's Holy Mountain was a satire of the western approach to personal enlightenment and self-actualization, Horseback's The Invisible Mountain is a work composed as a means to channel the self-destructive tendencies of its maker Jenks Miller. The channeling process has required a functionally solipsistic worldview based on the efficacy of individual will in ascertaining its specific reality. This worldview, in turn, has caused a sort of fissure between social consciousness and individual consciousness. In specific, the invisible mountain is an abstraction of the God-self in this whole process, a tenuous and ever-collapsing fabrication that perpetuates the individual psyche amidst processes that would otherwise destroy it or steal its creative power. The mountain itself is false: existing only to the individual as he climbs toward self-realization, and unknowable in any external reality; but it is as necessary as it is false. Without the fabrication, individual reality would crumble and one would be stripped of creative power. The record itself is based on repetitive guitar riffs and drum patterns similar to mantras in meditation, blackened vocals referencing the uncomfortable tension between one's quest for transcendence and their unresolved relationship with the rest of society The tracks are devices to help maintain discipline in an attempt to conquer. The last track breaks from the mantras into a less rigorously controlled wash of sound. Liberation. Pressed with black ink on a black translucent paper sleeve. All white inserts with poster. Illustration by Denis Kostromitin. Edition of 500."