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Melaina Chloe

SM 017CD SM 017CD

"Hans Platzgumer and E Stonji return as HP Stonji to deliver this mighty, complementary album to their well received 6-track EP for the Spezial Material collective. 14 tracks in all, and with ten exclusive to this release, this CD encompasses fully the collective's penchant for digital artistic and musical exploration, with some splendid additional features for MAC & PC. Stonji are of course at home in the warehouse or arthouse, but the dirty fat breaks, whomping basslines and dark atmospheres align them most accurately with the former. 'Errorbeauty' was elevated to Breezeblock bomb status and a big nighttime Radio 1 favorite with the late great John Peel. It lashes benign waves of melody to a tuff bass drum which guarantees devastation for the brave, and sounding more deadly than ever in digital format. 'Metic' operates from a giddy height, classic style eighties electro-funk drums, topped with the most dramatic, mind altering waves of sound, crazy noises set to dose digital block parties everywhere -- it's just one of those massive sub-breaking cuts you just cannot mess all. Awesome. 'Mith' again enjoys a crystalline production, synapse impulses cut to wax, rolling stuff to be sure -- proper club tackle for biggest systems only. 'Hagry' harks back to a golden era -- simplifying matters into a Miami infused glide out, then lulled into a complacent sense of security -- proceeds to dismantle and fully decimate the whole thing, totally and utterly. Probably the definitive Spezialmaterial release so far."