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Year 2000 debut release, repressed after a period of unavailability. "At first there were six singles on Playhouse, the massive 'Beau Mot Plage' being one of them, then came Isolée's debut album called Rest way back in the year 2000. Some say it changed the face of electronic music, well, there was definitely nothing like this kind of alien-pop-music before: Isolée plays with different styles but his music cannot be described as one common style like techno or house or anything known so far. His brilliance is his variety and his lack of fear of being not danceable. Imagine Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder and Larry Heard went out on a trip to the galaxy and came back after several years bringing with them the continuation of electronic pop/dance-music: that's Isolée! The stunning debut album of one of house music's greatest innovators. The revolution of house, techno, electro, well basically every type of electronic music. Rest is one of the most important, best and succinct albums currently available, and above all, when you hear "Rest" you immediately want to know what it is, in fact, feel an urge to have to know what it is. Determining what that is, a rest. The rest of electronic music that remains if you rest, wait, put things into a state of suspense in indecisiveness, in which one must re-decide, re-determine. For those who still don't know how to think, electronic music, house and techno mean having a bass drum as the centre so to speak, as the unquestionable piece of hardware that gets the dancefloor moving. The bass drum, says the first track on his first album, is a part, an element, a word used in software languages, one of the many languages mathematical ensembles we are in the midst of tend to speak in. Distinctly reminiscent of yesterday's minimalism when analogue wasn't an opposite nor by any means a swear-word yet, but a kind of battle cry in which the bass drum and samples began to circulate. Also distinctly reminiscent of Daniel Bell and many others, Isolée dispenses the bass drum in its quasi-classical waveform of one single motion. "Rest" is what you've split up, a term subject to linguistic complexities, one which only then offers space to project things, to create music in such a way as to make tracks out of it. Classically nice, melodious, harmonious, sound-loving, varied, but of an unnerving self-assuredness of unsureness, making Isolée's music sound strange, yet nice at the same time, like a media review expressed in sounds. Like a basis to transport contents, like a vision of horror or fulfilment, because for Isolée mediums are always many different entities communicating with each other, corresponding formats, languages, melodies, rhythms, things within a massive machinery made by the most different types of machines that can never be amalgamated into one."