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2013 release. Isotope: Elemental variance defined by nuclei. From the Greek "isos" meaning equal and "topos" meaning place. Seven renowned musicians of distinct musical heritage with a shared vision and purpose, when combined, produce an utterly unique aural experience. Forged in the aftermath of Japan's nuclear catastrophe of 2011, Isotope is an album of precision crafted cinematic soundscapes fusing elements of jazz, rock and electronica layered with heartfelt vocals. A poignant musical depiction of our shared future hanging in the balance, Isotope sees J's Bee artfully maturing beyond genre. The album glides between evident musical dynamics and unbeknown musical genres. From the dark, bass driven album opener "Strange Supper", the momentous, ceaseless flurries of chaos in "Angel Puke" to "Granma", a sax-laden cut over a fast broken beat who's title refers to the name of the yacht used to transport 82 fighters of the Cuban Revolution in 1956 by Fidel Castro and Ernesto Guevara. Yuko's vocal takes "Chuck It All" under her wrath pronouncing lyrics of being maternal and a revolutionist in a tumultuous manner. The instrumental songs harbor the dark side, contrasting both humanity and the world, providing the listener with a smooth yet eerie ensemble of experimental approaches. The band that initially formed over 10 years ago stand by their original sound that set them apart, refraining from commercializing their music. Continuously receiving strong support for their borderless music style and performance ability has allowed J's Bee to interact and connect with people in all walks. With previous tracks featured on Japanese TV including a sync with a Smirnoff advertisement, they have been invited to numerous different music festivals and gigs including one of Japan's famous festivals, Metamorphose advocated by Dalai Lama, the World Festival of Sacred Music Hiroshima, and The Fuji Rock Festival where the bands spectrum of backgrounds from classic, jazz, rock, dub, electro and club music were fully embraced. Recorded at Trip Echo studio and mixed by Yagotoyama Kobo, Isotope is a lushly arranged album that goes beyond a genre.