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Rising Leeds star Jack Sparrow launches his debut album Circadian, following previous faultless Tectonic tribalistic anthems "The Chase" and "Terminal." Following in the footsteps of 2562, label boss Pinch and Cyrus (Random Trio), Sparrow is one the few dubstep producers capable of making the leap from hard-hitting 12" dancefloor releases to full-length album. As the restrained 4/4 kick drum of opening track "Loveless" pounds in, warming chords rise up, and snatches of soulful vocal cuts chime in over building drum layers -- you already know you're headed for an involving journey with this album. Fans of Mala, Martyn, Quest and Silkie will feel at home with the vibe of the opening track, yet Sparrow takes things in his own direction with a sound that combines elements of deep house with a tribal side of dubstep. The vibe switches then for "Dread" -- a collaboration with fellow Leeds-based producer Ruckspin -- a dark, cold ragga-techno rhythm before Sparrow breathes new life into his original Tectonic tribal anthem, with a VIP version of "The Chase." "Salvation" continues with a voodoo-laden tribal theme, taking things into slightly more tech-y territories before we hear a fresh take on "Terminal." "Shoal" ventures into new territories as technology battles with organic sounds. Next up, the sweet sounds of vocalist Indi Kaur meet with Sparrow's adept production skills for a soulful meander in the endearing "Subterranean." "Dune" takes things back into a more sinister world, with its lunging half-step rhythm and earthquake sub-bass and ethno-decentralized atmospherics. "Relapse" kicks in at 160 bpm, Jack Sparrow demonstrating his prowess as a highly versatile producer with this "autonomic" take on his dubstep sounds -- highly rhythmical while pushing forward the technological boundaries of sound. "Regress" keeps with the uptempo bpm but steps back the pressure, allowing for memories of the early days of ambient jungle to seep in. "Exit" gently delivers you out of the Circadian journey. A unique track that warms your heart and chills your bones simultaneously, and lets you float off fully satisfied.