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Beautiful Songs: The Best Of The Best Of Jad Fair

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"Fire Fidelity brings you an LP featuring 24 of the best songs spanning the career of the legendary Jad Fair and his band Half Japanese plus a free download card good for over 100 of Jad's best songs! This Best Of compilation also includes liner notes written by Everett True, who tells us, 'I love him for his boundless enthusiasm and shy genius...maybe it's wrong to call Jad naive because he knows what he's doing, but he has a child-like wonderment that to me is at the core of most great music I can name. The Shaggs, Leadbelly, Jonathan Richman. He makes my feet want to move, and there's no higher compliment, I've seen Jad play concerts with a rolled-up newspaper and upturned wastebasket for rhythm, with just his voice for color. I've also seen Jad play stadiums in precisely the same fashion - with a band behind him, sure, but with the spirit intact - in front of crowds of over 15,000, in support to Nirvana on their final tour.' Released at the same time as Jad's new album, His Name Itself Is Music, Beautiful Songs (The Best Of The Best Of Jad Fair) is the perfect complement to a prolific and imaginative artist whose gifts keep on giving."
"Jad Fair is the godfather of minimalist monster art rock - a gentleman and a beast," -- Edwin Pouncey, The Wire.