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01 06 :22
02 07 :35
03 05 :50
04 03 :18
05 07 :46
06 02 :44
07 02 :14
08 04 :49
09 03 :08
10 04 :57
11 06 :08
12 02 :02
13 03 :42
Elevator Music Volume 1A

30HZ 022CD 30HZ 022CD

"My philosophy of life is very simple. I discovered a few years ago that I am the centre of the universe...without me none of this ... (by this, I mean all this) would be possible. Unfortunately being the creative centre of the universe comes with certain responsibilities. Yes even I have to follow divine law. Anyway, now is not the time to go into all that. I do still have hobbies, one of them is making music. Elevator Music, to be more specific. I recommend that you listen to this music in this fashion; Simulate the conditions of a typical elevator... invite friends around to your house/room, pretend that you don't know each other. Stand, silently, in close proximity to each other. Try, in a rather self conscious fashion, to avoid eye contact. Attempt to get everybody to cultivate 'coffee breath.' If like me you don't have friends use mannequins, and spray them with home made coffee breath essence. Listen to the music at a level that is always slightly too low. The whole experience should be; uncomfortable, disconcerting, mildly irritating, vacuous, and devoid of meaning. Enjoy." -- Jah Wobble. With guest musicians BJ Cole: (pedal Steel), and Harry Becket: (Trumpet).