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Future Thought (Part One)

KM 012.1EP KM 012.1EP

"The second full length release from Jason Fine, the master of the melodic bassline, the subtle pads and the delicate live feel drum programming, is out on Kontra-Musik. The dance music producer today can, to categorize, be divided into two types. First we have the producer, and this is the majority - who skillfully manipulate sound to satisfy dance floors and clubs. Then there is the musician - a person who transforms human thought and emotion into music. This is the category that best describes Jason. What comes out of his studio is always something very personal and special. The sounds are old school but the outcome is so much Jason's own, that if feels very fresh and new. On Future Thought, the follow up to the much acclaimed album, Our Music Is A Secret Order -- released on Kontra-Musik in 2008, Jason once again sets his mind to spin, this time towards the future, and out comes electronic music full of human presence. Or as Jason Fine puts it: 'I am constantly thinking about the future, future of technology, humanity and the earth. So this series of tracks is an auditory representation of my future thought.' Amplitude modulation gives you an energetic techno track without losing in melody and funk. Broken home is warm electro brings thought to Claro Intelecto masterpiece Peace of Mind."