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Tout Le Temps

KD 023EP KD 023EP

"Although Jaxson and Keno both have successful solo projects and have previously worked together before, this collaboration is bound to be their most notable release yet. A fusion of house, funk, Latin and techno, all meet at the crossroads of their studios for a 4 track EP of sundry beats and fresh flavors. Clearly the A-side, 'Tout Le Temps' is comprised of a clever hook and a hazy Latino vocal sample, which carries the initial groove right into an originally played synth section. A good example of a refreshing approach to adding effects and using sounds. 'Tarantella' as the title might suggest, one might expect a track that would scare the living day lights out of you, but it has more of a 'creeping up from behind you' sort of vibe. A subtlety creeping groove subliminally enters your unconscious mind carrying a secret message. What is that message you ask? Dance! The congas on 'Red Baron' sound so live you can almost here the players licking their fingers. Congas might be the groove in the heart of this tune, but the melody of the slick synth stabs and rising strings are what ultimately breath energy and spunk into this roller. 'Karate Kid' initially has a minimal feel, but once the hacked up guitar and vocals come in, you can put those dirty thoughts to rest. Abundant with an overwhelming amount of unique and interesting sounds, secure this tunes ability to prick up the ears of finicky DJs and clubbers alike."