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Where Did We Get Lost


Canadian folk singer-songwriter Jeff Beadle's performance at the Haldern Pop Festival 2014 and the following German tour brought him wide media attention and packed venues. Where Did We Get Lost is Beadle's second album; its nine songs of raw and intense beauty showcase the same direct and honest songwriting that made his 2014 debut, The Huntings End, so enchanting. Beadle writes his songs while battling Toronto traffic and working alone every day. In the time since 2011 he has cleaned and serviced the swimming pools of the downtown elite; his songwriting is a release for the recollections of fears, tragedies, and heartbreaks of his past invoked by his daily solitude. The songs would begin as rough sketches on his cell phone, using voice memos and notes. Covered in grease and chlorine, Beadle would rush home to unpack the ideas, hashing out the fundamentals into melodies and complete lyrics. There is always rushed excitement to his creation. His house is the local hub for all his friends, where he prepares late-night dinners for everyone as Chef Jeff and enacts wine-infused testing grounds for young songs, eliciting feedback that he then uses to fine-tune his songs at many local Toronto venues. He plays constantly, at home, a capella in the car, at bars, in backyards, all for the love of playing. Beadle has toured Canada multiple times, and has developed a love for the road and the unique towns and people he meets on his travels. His songs tell not only his own story, but those of others; he is driven by an intense empathy for people's situations and losses. The road is his library, where he gathers stories and experiences and translates them to music.