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Dancing On The Stars

TK 2011EP TK 2011EP

"Jephte Guillaume's anthemic vocal receives its full 12" release on the Tet Kale imprint, featuring the four-to-the-floor take of Jephte & frequent collaborator Monday Michiru, and available solely on this release!! 'Dancing On The Stars' is part of the heralding of a new era for deep house music, where the low standards of production encouraged by the digital 'revolution' will be replaced by a reinvigorated determination to push forward the art of underground dance while never losing sight of the raw sincerity of house's essence. Jephte's full dance mix of Monday Michiru's dangerously catchy vocal brings us back to the heydays of the original Body & Soul, infusing this classic jubilance with the new perspectives, techniques & lessons learned over Guillaume's two-decade long-career---the final product of literally countless moons of devoted labor to his music & art. 'Dancing On The Stars,' one of his finest works to date, rides swiftly forward on the momentum of Michiru's undeniable performance, addressing the basic necessity of self-liberation & unblocked human vigor -- this is music borne from the sturdiest depths of the soul for the collective communion of revelry & revelation, never losing its focus on the meticulous quality of its production, instrumentation and overall execution. For those ready to let go of their self-restraint and fully accept soulful dance music, 'Dancing On the Stars' is a lesson of many more to come, a firm reminder that contrived subtlety is often the major impediment of a powerful and sincere house music."