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JFDR - the latest project from young and prolific Icelandic songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jófríður Ákadóttir (Samaris, Pascal Pinon, Gangly) - releases her debut solo full-length album Brazil, through her own label White Sun Records. Brazil was recorded in New York in 2016 and co-produced by legendary multi-instrumentalist Shahzad Ismaily (Laurie Anderson, Lou Reed, Tom Waits, Yoko Ono, etc.) Brazil sees a blend of cyclical guitar parts, soft minimal soundscapes, and poetic wanderings of a journey that ends where it began. Drawing from classical, folk, and electronic backgrounds, JFDR amalgamates the sounds of changing seasons, her voice a current that moves through rough seas to smooth waters. But perhaps JFDR shines the most in her capacity as a wordsmith, employing rich imagery to evoke the subtle emotions embedded in each song. Björk is featured in the Guardian as selecting JFDR as one of her artist inspirations: "I got obsessed with her band Samaris a few years ago, and then it was amazing to see her do her own stuff." The beautifully shot black and white video for "Airborne" was created by Timothée Lambrecq with direction from Jófríður. " 'Airborne' was one of the first songs Shahzad and I recorded in New York," says Jófríður. "One afternoon I confessed I had never played with a drummer before, so Shahzad immediately called up his friend, Liturgy drummer Greg Fox. After an hour or so of intense Casio wailing and Greg drumming so fast it was borderline droning, it was suggested that Greg had a go at this track we'd recorded earlier that day, a half written song named 'Airborne'. It took about 10 minutes, Greg nailed it. The result is this half-programmed, half-live drum performance, carefully but effortlessly stitched together by Shahzad, merged with my fragile piano break up ballad. The track was later blessed by De La Soul's Maseo who stopped by the studio and listened. He said it was dope." "Airborne" follows the video for the evocatively atmospheric and mesmerizing "White Sun", directed by Brendan Canty. Comes in an inner sleeve with artwork.