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Joachim Nordwall is deeply interested in the power of sound, and how sound can create certain states of mind, but also the other way around; how certain states of mind can create sound. Since his teens in the late '80s, growing up in the remote, crude southeast Sweden, he has experimented with something he prefers to call "Psychic Broadcasting" rather than composition, at first in the still almost-active analog synth drone duo Alvars Orkester. Nordwall went on to play in various experimental music projects and spent time in Paris and London. Back in Sweden, he formed iDEAL Recordings in 1998 and joined the sweaty avant-punk rock group Kid Commando the year after, touring like mad, eventually hitting rock-bottom in 2005. After the death of KC, he formed the ritual rock/drone band The Skull Defekts, which has kept him busy ever since (recently releasing records on Chicago-based Thrill Jockey Records). In 2006, his first solo album was released under his The Idealist moniker. A few years in the making, the album offered was a deep study of Nordwall's interior life, during a time when everything was pitch-black inside. Today, Joachim Nordwall is very active curating his iDEAL label and organization for festivals, concert series and sound art exhibitions. He is also the chairman of the legendary Stockholm venue for experimental stage art, Fylkingen. Nordwall is a man that lives and breathes sound. A few years have passed and Ignition is here, Joachim Nordwall's second solo album. Recorded under brighter circumstances but still with many shadows present. Ignition is on one hand a solid, highly electronic trip, on the other hand, a very sensitive, analog and warm drone symphony. Ignition was released (and is still available) on cassette in 2010, thus asserting the primacy of the analog format. Received and recorded by Joachim Nordwall at Morgan Avenue (Brooklyn), Lampo (Chicago), iDEAL (Gothenburg), EMS (Stockholm) 2006-2010. Technical specifications: RITM-2, iDEALIST DRONE MACHINE, LITTLE BLACK BOY, GLAMOUR BOX, KORG MS-20, iDEALIST NOISE MACHINE, MacBook Pro (various software) and various effects. Analog sound sources, sometimes processed digitally.