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Until the End of Time


2004 release. Veteran UK electronic producer Dave Lee (aka Joey Negro) is one of the few people who can glide effortlessly from the chilly depths of the "underground" to the moneyfied glitz of commercial music, while keeping both his dignity and his wide-ranging fan-base intact. With members culled from the funkiest ends of Incognito, Jamiroquai and the Kyoto Jazz Massive, The Sunburst Band is unashamedly musical. The first Sunburst Band originally got together in 1998 when they released their first album, the funk-flecked Here Comes the Sunburst Band to widespread critical acclaim. The Face hailed the album as "too infectiously happy to resist" and praised a musical "authenticity which should keep even the purists on the dancefloor." However, band leader Dave Lee's blooming career as one of the UK's most successful electronic producers ignited and diverted him off in many other chart-bound directions, scoring hits not only for himself but also for artists as diverse as Lionel Richie and Mariah Carey with his remix work. Amid a dance music scene which had people returning to straightforward soul or rock and shying away from the worst minimalist excesses of club music, The Sunburst Band returned in 2004 with their second album to provide the UK with the post-dance soundtrack they had all been waiting for. Until The End of Time promotes all the funkier genres ranging from '80s boogie, disco, jazz fusion, go-go as well as some lurvely downtempo tunes. As you'd expect from a band used to working only with the best and wearing their solid funk stripes with pride, the toweringly Afro'd frontman Pete Simpson is joined on the album by the original Chic gals Norma Jean and Lucy Martin, among others.