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01 12 :19
02 06 :17
03 06 :46
04 08 :54
05 06 :43
06 11 :12
07 11 :56
08 08 :09
The Depths


This is the second full-length album by JPLS for the M_nus label. The Depths is a collection of complex, challenging compositions that beam in from the depths of the M_nus universe. Fusing classic minimal techno with industrial electronica, he has created a brooding, deep-space opera that needs to be experienced in its epic entirety before individual aspects can be extracted to exploit their dancefloor potential. All JPLS releases are dominated by an underlying concept -- a self-imposed set of values that are stretched to their logical limits and beyond. 2007's Twilite set the tone, containing a set of tracks strictly conceived between the hours of 3 and 5 a.m. Then there was the application of delay and overlays to create a "non-standard" harmonic content and defeat the machines on the Combination EP. This time around, inspiration has been derived from theoretical physics, specifically the idea of sub-sub atomic movement and interaction. During the course of the album, JPLS explores continuous creation, the transformation of sound into energy and the expanding and contracting reaches of space and time. The collection begins with "Reset," a 12 and-a-half minute exercise in construction and deconstruction. The vast soundscape pulses with expectation before a host of mutated percussion starts scything its way across the stereo field. The electro-magnetism and gravitational pull of "Zero Point" creates more elegantly-hewn glaciers of sound that slowly disintegrate into white noise, reforming in different spatial arrangements while the melody slowly fractures into anti-melody. "Displacement" features a relentless kick that beats a path straight through the core of a spinning, turbulent vortex. "Basis" adopts a straighter structure modified by electrified percussion fills -- physical sounds vanish before reappearing in different forms, converting to energy, and then back again. The booming, broken electro of "Fold" twists an undulating bass line in on itself, adding an additional layer of random harmonics to the spectrum before the shuffling triplets of "Collapse" introduces an alien vocal. "Convolution" is a perfectly-executed marriage of stripped-down beats and deep harmonic percussion programming that underlines the unique way JPLS approaches electronic composition. "State" rounds it all off with bleeps and gentle melodies that draw ever closer until they reveal themselves as giants; their residual energy leaving imprints that linger long after disintegration. The album loops perfectly, maintaining its cyclical nature by utilizing the same pads for the end as the beginning. Limited edition of 500 copies.