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01 05 :41
02 06 :17
03 05 :48
05 05 :44
06 05 :37
08 05 :22
09 05 :37
10 05 :55


This is the debut full-length release by JPLS. Hot on the heels of his Program EP on M_nus, the man from Indiana returns unscathed with a collection of refreshingly understated techno, penned between the hours of 3-5a.m. and each with a perfectly formulated musical equation at its heart. From the album's onset, as the distant echoes of "twilite 1" reach out like shards of light bending over the horizon, it's clear this journey is not for the faint-hearted. "twilite 3" provides further evidence as JPLS skillfully demonstrates the enduring simplicity of a well crafted bassdrum/hi-hat groove. Along with "twilite 6.1," "6.2" and "4," this is sparse, minimalist expression at its most raw, filled with discordant harmonies that offer beauty and menace in equal measure. Delve deeper and "twilite 8" is simply a revelation: set against an initially disjointed rhythm section, the track suddenly explodes into life in one of the most memorable sequences on the album. As if pounding the cavernous, empty hull of some great vessel, this skillful sound sculpture is guaranteed to send shockwaves across the dancefloor. Further highlights include the playful tones of "green01" (featuring the first of two appearances by Skoozbot), which dishes up all sort of mixing possibilities for the more dexterous DJ. There's a more laid-back house groove in effect here, working in perfect tandem with the urgent subsonic bass line, while the bouncing bleeps punctuate the darkness like fireflies. Similarly, "twilite 7" sheds light on a deeper, more contemplative landscape before the morning sun reclaims the sky and "twilite 9" shuffles lazily to its conclusion amid a deluge of sub bass drops and flickering hi-hats. Sometimes, in the harsh light of day, music can seem awkward, out of place even, but when experienced in the twilite hours they it comes alive, resonating at a frequency that disrupts the thin veil of reality, allowing us to slip through to the other side.