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Just... EP!

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"This much anticipated release is finally in your hands after having infected the sets of world renowned DJs the last few months with 'Just'and 'Where We Go.' Julian is in the hottest phase of his producer/musician career as the 2020 SoundSystem is riding high in all the best festivals and venues and their debut album has been received as a masterpiece by the quality music press only one year after his Silver City album was already much praised and loved. Currently based in Leeds, UK, he is no stranger to house music aficionados. Together with Fernando Pulichino they have released a string of records as Ciudad Feliz, The Spirals and Silver City.They signed together many singles and one album under the new name Silver City with 2020Vision, the accomplished label, from Leeds, UK, where they are currently based. Since 2002 Fernando and Julian together with Ralph Lawson and Double-D formed The 2020 Soundsystem, a live act project aimed to clubs. After several hugely successful releases and taking time off from gigging, producing and jamming with the aforementioned, he is back with a 3 powerhouse tracker of pokey beats with dancefloor attitude! He gives us an exclusive look to his personal vault of electronic grooves: infectious basslines, locked down grooves and amazing production, dripping in funk, Julian goes deep in the musical and melodic territory. High, sexy and spacey, that 3-tracker will set any dancefloor on fire!"