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"Originally projected as a compilation of anonymous various artists from the city of Chemnitz, which went by the name of Karl-Marx-Stadt between 1953 and 1990. However all but one of the tracks finally selected turned out to be the work of a single artist: Christian Gierden, one of the two members of Society Suckers, a breakcore outfit who had just relocated from Chemnitz to Berlin. Now, in early 2005, Lux Nigra is happy to be able to present a successor to the first Karl Marx Stadt release, and to make both available on CD. Karl Marx Stadt is now officially a Christian Gierden solo project, with occasional input from others, most notably Geroyche (Tamas Novak), and the Society Suckers' other half, Sebastian Sellrich. The first release provided a broad perspective on a scene dominated by distortion-based breakcore, ranging from raw techno and drum & bass to all manner of hybrid forms, resulting in an electro-gabba monster which was cited by Andrew Weatherall as his favourite release of 2001. The second volume will surprise people with Gierden's unique talent for complex arrangements that combine uneven beat structures, classical influences, a multitude of references and an unusual sense for melody, with full on energy. To sum it up, in the words of Jason Forrest (WFMU) speaking about the closing track: '['All I Wanna Do'] is probably already a classic... kids will talk about the day they first heard it'. As it cheerily obliterates Beck and Sheryl Crow, who are we to disagree?"