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Kellari Juniversumi

FR 021CD FR 021CD

Reissue of this album, originally released in 2002. Kellari Juniversumi has been hailed as a masterpiece and has been out-of-print for a long time. Reprint includes a new 24-page booklet. Many are the rumors that revolve round the Tamperean tribe called Kemialliset Ystävät ("Chemical Friends"), regarding, for instance, the recipe for their brand of magic potion and their ethnic background. Contradicting common beliefs, this group does not consist of elves, gnomes or some lesser-known folk of the forest, but is mainly the product of one human risen from the rotten ditch of Nekala (a Tampere suburb). With his vast set of allies, he has by the power of his spirit carved a whole multitude of caves into the cellar of an otherwise unsuspect-looking house. From that "Cellar Yuniversum" (a rough translation of the disc's name) originates this record, which is actually their first, as its many predecessors have been either halves of a long player, or virtually unobtainable partial re-releases. "Now, at last, as we venture deeper into the cellar than ever before, we see the aforementioned elves and gnomes in their festivities, as the urbanization process has cut down the Tampere backwoods and has thus forced them to flee into the caves of Kemialliset Ystävät, who naturally are on good terms with all tiny earthlings with pointed ears." --Ralf Normaali, a lowlife from the capital area.