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TV Scape

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2009 release. With their first single "Crocodile Tears" they almost conquered the world, but instead of repeating the same old trick endlessly, they maintained their personality and made this stunning synth-pop classic album. During the past 30 years, Kuruki's first and only full LP, TV Scape, could only be found in the record collection of collectors with a preference for minimal synth and synth-pop. Kuruki was a Belgian band project spearheaded by Ghent-based musician Gerry D'Haeyer and Alain Bureau. The band was founded in the early 1980s and shortly after its conception a first release was recorded. The single "Crocodile Tears" immediately hit the charts and became a hit. Afterwards the band released 12" records including single "Such a Liar." After intensive touring, a new single "Just a Cat" was spawned in 1983. As a live band at that time Alan Gevaert from dEUS and Chris Whitley joined them. Live, Kuruki put forth a mysterious act, with a lot of color and show elements. In 1984, the final release TV Scape, a full LP, was released. On this record the last pieces of the puzzle came together. On an accurately crafted structure of frivolous minimal electronics, Sally Joy and Monsieur Tic sing about an era wherein alienation and mass consumption are an everyday routine and television offers the ideal escape. Released in an edition of 500 LPs.