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Long Night

CB 019CD CB 019CD

Cold Blue is an LA-based label, focusing on modern composition in the realms of "West Coast minimalism" and "post-minimalism". Lately it has chosen the medium of CD EPs, (15 to 30 minute short duration releases), allowing the listener to concentrate on singular works w/ o the clutter. It is slowly evolving into one of the most important labels in the history of contemporary American composition. "Long Night is exquisitely drifting, ever-unfolding music for three pianos that sometimes play independently and at other times in synchronization with one another. For this recording, all three piano parts were recorded by Sarah Cahill. Gann calls Long Night 'the most successful piece from my early, Brian Eno-influenced, ambient period, a variable-length piece for three non-synchronized pianos at different tempos.' The composer writes, 'I wrote Long Night very much under the influence of the philosopher Martin Heidegger, impressed particularly by his phenomenology of moods and his disavowal of personality as a unified, linear consciousness. I wanted a piece that was a series of moods, connected neither linearly nor abruptly, but in overlapping discontinuity; and a unity that was not felt moment to moment, but that would leap out in unpredictable motives and reminiscences. These were the days, you know, when ambient music was still soft and unobtrusive. Each piano part is constructed in repeating loops, whose lengths can usually be altered at will by the pianists, and the relationship between the pianos is unsynchronized and aleatory -- which is why, for a recording, only one pianist is necessary." 25-minute EP.