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Watergate 16

WG 016CD WG 016CD

After the announcement of Kerri Chandler's The Watergate Files EP, which also includes a remix of Watergate recent addition La Fleur, she is now in charge of the 16th Watergate compilation. With 15 tracks, including six exclusive ones, the Swedish producer proves her skills on 78 minutes of playtime. Her musical spectrum extends from old house classics to contemporary techno pearls, mixed with love and intuitive feeling. The compilation starts with dreamy vinyl-crackles and an exclusively deep production of Matthias Meyer: "Miss Apre Gate (Beatless Version)" is a perfect, moody opener and sets a high standard from the beginning. The next three in-house tracks create a dense and mystical atmosphere with festival vibes. In the second quarter the mix develops a technoid old-school character, placed between La Fleur's unreleased productions "Stella" and "Arms Around." As a direct consequence: Miss Kittin's "What to Wear," included as the formerly-unreleased SPN remix, proves La Fleur's excellent taste and her rock-solid electronic socialization. Quantum Entanglement (aka Ninja Tunes' Fink and Watergate's Lee Jones) marks the beginning of the end. "Acid Thunder" will be released on Vakant and lives up to its name. The grande finale is at first as dream-like as at the very beginning, but then it turns into trippy BPM-fireworks with Laurent Garnier's massive anthem "Flashback." Watergate 16 is a masterfully mixed orgy of good taste. Other artists include: Of Norway, Casino Times, Show-B, DJ Sprinkles, MCDE, Peace Division, Andrea Parker, Johannes Volk, Hans Berg, and Sunday Brunch.