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PNL presents Large Unit's Ana. Large Unit is the 11+ piece group led by Norwegian drummer Paal Nilssen-Love. 2015 was a landmark year with a monumental European and North-American tour, on the heel of the acclaimed Erta Ale album from 2014. Paal Nilssen-Love's connection to Brazil is strong. Throughout his musical career he has been influenced by Brazilian music he'd hear on records, from Luiz Gonzaga and Trio Nordestino to Milton Nascimento and Pedro Santos. In his ears, Brazil stood out as a country that shared his ideals of music being a celebration of life - a celebration that should be loud, rhythmic and intense. When Nilssen-Love finally got the chance to visit and tour the country in 2013 it was obvious this was not a one-way love-affair. Connections were soon made between him and the musicians and audiences of Brazil. The Brazilian connection found its way into the material he was writing for Large Unit at the time, especially with the half-hour piece "Riofun", which incorporated elements of Brazil's Bahia music. The song quickly became the climax of Large Unit's concerts, which peaked with their performance at the Oslo Jazz Festival in August 2015, when the already crowded line-up was extended with Brazilian musicians Celio de Carvalho and Paulinho Bicolor on percussion. Only hours after the gig ended, the band went straight into the legendary Rainbow studios to capture that energy in what is now being released as Large Unit's second full length album: ANA. ANA documents a dynamic band riding high on a frenetic tour schedule - only with the added extra musical vitamin-shot of Bicolor and de Carvalho. Large Unit includes: Thomas Johansson - trumpet; Mats Äleklint - trombone; Julie Kjær - alto saxophone and flute; Klaus Holm - alto and baritone saxophone; Per Åke Holmlander - tuba; Børre Mølstad - tuba; Ketil Gutvik - electric guitar; Tommi KerÄne - electronics; Paulinho Bicolor - cuica, triangle, tamborim; Celio de Carvalho - congas, bongos, tamborim, pandeiro, berimbau, caxixi, alfaia; Jon Rune Strøm - acoustic and electric bass; Christian Meaas Svendsen - acoustic and electric bass; Andreas Wildhagen - drums and percussion; Paal Nilssen-Love - drums and percussion. All music by Paal Nilssen-Love. Recorded at Rainbow Studio, Oslo Norway on the 14th of August 2015. Mixed and mastered at Strype Audio. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Christian Obermayer. Produced by Paal Nilssen-Love. Cover by Lasse Marhaug.